Installation Guide


Before installing python-pcl, we recommend to upgrade setuptools if you are using an old one:

$ pip install -U setuptools

The following Python packages are required to install python-pcl. The latest version of each package will automatically be installed if missing.

Install python-pcl

Install python-pcl via pip

We recommend to install python-pcl via pip:

$ pip install python-pcl


All optional PointCloudLibrary related libraries, need to be installed before installing python-pcl. After you update these libraries, please reinstall python-pcl because you need to compile and link to the newer version of them.

Install python-pcl from source

The tarball of the source tree is available via pip download python-pcl or from the release notes page. You can use to install python-pcl from the tarball:

$ tar zxf python-pcl-x.x.x.tar.gz
$ cd python-pcl-x.x.x
$ python install

You can also install the development version of python-pcl from a cloned Git repository:

$ git clone
$ cd pcl/Python
$ python install

When an error occurs…

Use -vvvv option with pip command. That shows all logs of installation. It may help you:

$ pip install python-pcl -vvvv

Install python-pcl for developers

python-pcl uses Cython (>=0.25.2). Developers need to use Cython to regenerate C++ sources from pyx files. We recommend to use pip with -e option for editable mode:

$ pip install -U cython
$ cd /path/to/python-pcl/source
$ pip install -e .

Users need not to install Cython as a distribution package of python-pcl only contains generated sources.

Uninstall python-pcl

Use pip to uninstall python-pcl:

$ pip uninstall python-pcl


When you upgrade python-pcl, pip sometimes install the new version without removing the old one in site-packages. In this case, pip uninstall only removes the latest one. To ensure that python-pcl is completely removed, run the above command repeatedly until pip returns an error.

Upgrade python-pcl

Just use pip with -U option:

$ pip install -U python-pcl

Reinstall python-pcl

If you want to reinstall python-pcl, please uninstall python-pcl and then install it. We recommend to use --no-cache-dir option as pip sometimes uses cache:

$ pip uninstall python-pcl
$ pip install python-pcl --no-cache-dir

When you install python-pcl without PointCloudLibrary, and after that you want to use PointCloudLibrary, please reinstall python-pcl. You need to reinstall python-pcl when you want to upgrade PointCloudLibrary.